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4 Pouches Pick and Mix

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4 250g pick and mix pouches 

Gummy mix

Fizzy mix

Chocolate Mix 

Sugar free mix

Bon bon mix

Dracula teeth

Fizzy Dracula teeth 

Haribo cola bottles

Haribo turtles 

Haribo rhubarb and custard 

Watermelon bon bons

Bubblegum bon bons

Tounge painter mallows

Vimto mallows

Tounge painters

Fizzy Tounge painters

Strawberry Dummies



Fizzy cherries 

Jelly cherries 

Swirly fish

Fizzy cola bottles 

Watermelon slices

Fizzy sour apples

Fizzy blue raspberries 

Jelly sharks


Cherry Fizzy bottles

Bubblegum bottles


Mini pencils

Fizzy spiders

Blue rockets


Percey pigs

Jelly brains

Jelly skulls

Jelly snails


Fruity Unicorns 


Flying saucers 


We also have more! So if something isn't listed pop us a message we may have what you're looking!! If you do not state in checkout what pick and mixes you would like, then 4 will be chosen at random